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Sam Dunkley

Meet the Nutritional Therapist


Sam is a former athlete, having been a Great Britain judo international for over 20 years and has been actively working in the health and fitness industry since 2000. During this time Sam has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, as well as a Fitness Lecturer and has two Nutritional Therapy Post Graduate Diplomas. Sam is currently conducting research in order to complete his Masters Degree in Nutrition Therapy.


What is Nutritional Therapy?


The aim of nutritional therapy is to identify areas of imbalance and create an optimal, individualised nutrition programme to help improve health and wellness, based on a holistic functional medicine approach. This may be achieved via either nutritional or lifestyle interventions, supplementation or indeed a combination of approaches.

Where necessary laboratory tests may also be required in order to assist in uncovering potential underlying causes of any symptoms that an individual may be experiencing. These may range from IBS type issues to low energy, weight gain and skin conditions.


How does the process work?


Clients are required to complete a Nutritional Health Questionnaire, in addition to a 3-5 day food and mood diary prior to attending the first appointment. The initial consultation is 90 minutes in duration and allows the therapist to investigate the individual's symptoms in much greater depth. This can potentially uncover any underlying nutritional imbalances, digestive, detoxification, hormonal or immunity issues and as a result, some initial recommendations will be negotiated in order to address the symptoms.


Follow-up appointments are 45 minutes in duration and are generally 4 - 6 weeks apart, in order to allow the recommendations to take effect. The goal of these is to further alleviate the identified symptoms and help to achieve client goals with an even more tightly focused approach. This is based on a thorough case analysis, functional assessment of progress made between appointments and if necessary any required further research.


Telephone and email support is also provided free of charge between appointments.



How much does it cost?


Initial consultation                    (90 minutes)                 £65

Follow-up appointments          (45 minutes)                 £45


Contact details



Tel:                                           07771 858 843      

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