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At Beauty is Yours the PHD waxing system is used. It is the cleanest and most hygenic system on the market.

It is a great system to help reduce the sensitivities related to waxing.

Full Leg​                         £25.00

Half Leg                        £16.00

Bikini                             £15.00

Full Leg & Bikini            £32.00

Lip & Chin                     £25.00

Lip                                 £15.00

Chin                              £15.00

Half Arm                       £16.00

Full Arm                        £20.00

Underarms                    £15.00

Eye Brows                    £15.00

Half Back                      £20.00

Full Back                       £25.00

Half Chest                     £20.00

Full Chest                     £25.00

Bikini Waxing

Bazilian                        £27.50

Playboy                        £33.00

Hollywood                    £35.00


Epil-Pro Permanent Hair Reduction


 A permanent hair reduction system designed for both men and women. Just think, no more plucking or shaving those unwanted hairs anymore, get your unwanted hair permanently treated instead.

This system is called Epil-Pro and is a specialised in-salon treatment. ​​​


Epil Pro harnesses the power of sound energy which travels precisely down the hair shaft, striking and degenerating the papillary cells at the root. This is a gentle and effective method of eradicating unwanted hair progressively.


Epil-Pro is the superior alternative to conventional electrolysis and has the following advantages

Truly non-invasive

No Pitting or scarring

No trauma to the skin

Safe with diabetics

Any hair colour can be treated

No issue with Sun exposure

10 min   £23.50

20 min   £42.00

30 min   £60.00


If you would like to pre-pay for six treatments in advance, you will be entitled to a 10% discount.The treatments must be taken within a reasonable time period.

​Gift Vouchers

These are available all year round either for a particular treatment or for a value of your choice. They can be used for a present or as a thank you to a friend, relative or someone special.Vouchers are non-refundable.



If you need to postpone or cancel a booking please give at least 24 hours notice. If notice is not given, a charge of 50% to the value of the treatment booked will be charged.

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